ARN ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

We provide best in class ERP solutions for large, small and midsize companies in different industries.


Sales and Purchasing enables Users to manage both Customer Sales Orders and Supplier Purchase Orders as well as their associated functionalities such as Customers and Supplier Management. A useful and very popular feature within this menu is the Services which gathers any additional actions/items that are added to a Customer or a product outside of the internal foundry production processes.


This section is all about controlling your Inventory of Finished goods and Materials. Warehousing Management is also included for precise location and control of stocks. The Product Inventory hold a complete list of manufactured (and sometimes purchased) products held on inventory (store), along with detailed information such as; Created, Batch ID, Issue, Job No, etc.

Human Resource

Your work force is one of the most important resources in your manufacturing company. As a result, finding a business solution to manage and track your investment should be a priority. From recruitment through the payroll and staff development process, the ARN HR modules assures the most from your personnel investment.

Finance Accounting

Sales Invoices, Proforma and Credits are all managed from this area from their creation to their payment progress. Suppliers Invoices and Credits are also recorded here. Finally if you have elected to utilise the Reps module, you will be able to manage the Commissions payment and status therefore keeping all monies related items in one specific tab of SYNCHRO ERP. Finally you will also be able to setup your Nominal (Ledger) codes ready for accounting purposes


ARN CRM software provides the From the initial marketing campaign and sales contacts to customer and technical support calls, EnterpriseIQ CRM captures, manages and tracks the details of every customer, partner and vendor interaction in a single system. Because our CRM is incorporated with the entire ARN manufacturing ERP software solution, all areas are connected to eliminate duplicate data entry and wasted time jumping between various unrelated and stand-alone packages.

Payroll & Suplychian

ARN ERP's Payroll Processing software module is a comprehensive payroll processing system for USA and Canadian payroll requirements. Whether running a single or a multi-site, multi-state operation with multiple user-defined deductions, the ARN Payroll Software module can meet your processing and reporting needs. Shortage analyses per component.

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HOS felt the importance of ERP very early and it came up with hitch solution of (ERP) Companies that try to win competitive advantage have to focus on each and every function. Attaining internal efficiency lays the basis of reduced cost, quality control, increase productivity and removal of waste, the result is higher customer satisfaction, business growth and greater profits. This was the basic idea behind ARN ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). ARN ERP one of the Best ERP in the Software Providing Compnies of the Pakistan.
In these days true ERP is only in the reach of just a few companies of top rank in the world. ERP has helped these companies attain and maintain this level of success. The basic purpose of (ERP) Solution is to make available this system to small, medium and large companies so that they can get the fullest benefit of this unique product.HOS ( ARN ERP) Solution is ideal choice for those who respect knowledge sharing and want transparency and clarity of information. It is for those companies that want quick information retrieval, decreased pressure of documentation, improved production quality and removal of wastage from each and every business activity.
ARN ERP Solution is ideal choice for any organization because: - It is a typical example of a flexible system that can be deployed anywhere from production to service oriented organizations. - It can easily add/remove modules according to need and choice of user. - Its cost is very reasonable. - It provides full control of all the activities to top level management. - It has a proven record of remarkable growth and profit generation for the organizations where it was implemented.
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